• Bell Boots
  • Whip
  • Spurs
  • Lunge
  • Horseshoe Studs
are items that can be given to horses to increase their skills and help them perform better in competitions. You can buy most of them individually in the store, or together in the Bonus Pack. Unlike temporary bonuses found on missions or rides, these stay on the horse until they pass away. They cannot be removed once added to the horse.
  • Bell boots gives +6 in Dressage, Jump, and Speed. The average cost is 3,329 Equus. It previously costed 3 diamonds.
  • Whip gives +9 in Gallop, Trot, and Jump, and +4 in Dressage. The average cost is 6,664 Equus. It previously costed 5 diamonds.
  • Spurs gives +9 in all skills. It costs around 10,000 Equus. It previously costed 6 diamonds.
  • Lunge gives +10 in Gallop and Trot and +12 in Dressage. It costs around 12,000 Equus. It previously costed 9 diamonds.
  • Horseshoe Studs gives +12 in the horse's best skill. It costs 35,000 Equus and is only available with a VIP account.