• SwiftMist

    US Howrse Trades

    February 7, 2016 by SwiftMist


    If there's anybody out there wanting to trade a Black Market Item or Equus for my Hypnos' Blanket, let me know. Imma bgrace on the US server.

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  • The Northern Spirit

    Today's Promotion Topic: The Continental Cards
    Start / End of Promotion: September 9th to September 28th
    Ultimate Prize: Tormenta, Legendary divine

    This contest is a promotion during which you travel across the continents with the new collectible cards and try to win Tormenta, the new legendary horse.

    You will receive cards that can be scratched. They can be earned:
    • On your first connection of the day (2 cards a day)
    • When your horses win competitions (limited to 2 cards a day)
    • In the Flash Sales
    • By trading your duplicate cards with equus (1 time a day)
    • By buying them with passes
    • In Joker cards packs (when the offer is available, the packs can be bought with passes and diamonds )

    There are 28 cards which offer you gifts directly, once you've…

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  • The Northern Spirit

    Today's Promotion Topic: The Treasure Hunt
    Start / End of Promotion: August 20th to September 7th
    Ultimate Prize: Amira, Legendary divine

    This contest is a treasure hunt during which the goal is to find Amira, the legendary horse. You have to find items on different scenes and collect points. Those points will allow you to win gifts.

    You receive hourglasses (or timers) that will allow you to play. They can be earned:
    • With your first connection of the day (4)
    • When you groom your horse (2)
    • When you win a competition (2)
    • By paying with passes

    One hourglass allows you to play a round. During a round you have 11 items to find.  When you find an item:
    • You win 95 points
    • A 10 seconds timer appears
    If you find another item during the 10 seconds, you win…

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  • Iplayhowrse

    new forums?

    August 2, 2015 by Iplayhowrse

    does anybody know how to make another forum?

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  • Edenhughes07

    Unicorn Question

    July 14, 2015 by Edenhughes07

    If anyone knows how to breed a unicorn foal/filly without a unicorn mare,or enough Equus to buy one,please tell me in a private message at edenhughes07, when I get my Email fixed I will let the player that told me co-manage my account. If you have one that you don't want please sell it to me at edenhughes07 in reserved sales, please for 40k - 60k

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  • Of Unforving

    The second last Horse of the Rainbows is here through the Underwater excavations promo!

    Find all of Devoted Indigo's bones and it will join your breeding farm!

    If you are very skilled you will also find lovely gifts along the way!

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  • Cookie Pegasus

    Hey! I'm Cookie Pegasus, I recently joined this wiki and have being editing a hand full of pages all afternoon, cleaning them up and making them look more slick. Pretty neat, huh? And... kinda weird, I mean, who edits wiki pages all afternoon? I'm a neat freak, okay? It's not my fault it took me 40 minutes to finally realise I got some (extremely obvious) page coding wrong... 

    Anyway, I'm around and and happy to chat. But I'm annoying in 2 ways:

    • A. I wouldn't understand half of what you say because I basically ask you why all day long.
    • B. I'm just generally annoying. It's a gift .

    Also Toothless is adorable. If you don't think so too... Something is clearly wrong with your brain.

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  • Pacificalto2013

    Different Servers

    February 10, 2014 by Pacificalto2013

    I was thinking that there should be articles about the different servers on Howrse. For instance, since I play on the US Server, I can write the article for that, and those on International can make that article. Just a suggestion, but it would be so cool. It's just an idea. Please let me know what you think, but no rude comments, please. Pacificalto2013

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  • DoctorAJJ

    Coming Soon - Agate!

    December 27, 2013 by DoctorAJJ

    To be released most likely in January through another Plants promotional. Agate will have a chance of replacing the turnip button with a diamond button which will gift its owner a diamond. Agate will be a male, although all information is subject to changing.

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  • Brightpaththewarrior

    if you have over 500 edits and have been here for 3 months with no warnings/bans you can qualify to be a:

    • bureaucrat
    • rollback
    • Chat moderator

    if you want admin powers you have to have over 1,000 edits with no bans/warnings and have to be her for 4 months

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