Coats and Colors:Edit

Coat Colors Percent
Bay 12%
Black 12%
Cherry Bay 10%
Chestnut 8%
Dapple Grey 11%
Dark Bay 13%
Dun 5%
Flaxen Chestnut 4%
Fleabitten Gray 11%
Light Gray 8%
Liver Chestnut 4%
Mouse Gray 2%

Skill info:Edit

Skill Percent
Stamina 90%
Speed  73%
Dressage 71%
Galloping  33%
Trotting 20%
Jumping 63%

Servers Found on:Edit

Other Game Info:Edit

not found on some servers Size: 14.1- 15.3 hands

The Barb is a horse breed on Howrse, with an advantage in stamina, speed, dressage and jumping, although it is not great in trot or gallop.

Real Info:Edit

Wikipeadia Paragraph Developed on the Barbary Coast of North Africa, the Barb is a desert horse with great hardiness and stamina. Due to the amount of cross-breeding, it is difficult to find a purebred Barb today. The Barb generally possesses a fiery temperament and an atypical sport-horse conformation, but nevertheless has had an incredible impact on today's modern breeds.

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