Best Linear Unbiased Prediction -- BLUP -- is a measure of a horse's training that affects the foal(s) of the horse and owner. The lowest BLUP possible is -100 which is only present in newborn foals. The highest is 100 BLUP which can be difficult, but not impossible, to achieve.

Effects of BLUPEdit

BLUP is the ability for a horse to pass on its genetics. Two parents with high BLUP will have a greater chance of giving innate/inborn skills to their foals, and a greater chance of an increase in GP.


Increasing BLUPEdit

Increasing a horse's Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) is not difficult, but it takes at least ten years of a horse's life. To attain 100 BLUP, a horse must have:

  • At least ten years of age.
  • Top three skills bolded (look at GP, and the skills that have the highest amount have to have their names bolded).
  • Twenty First place competition wins- this can be in any type of competition, Western, Classical, or even both, but some races are easier to win for certain breeds.

When a horse, pony, or donkey makes all three of these criteria, he or she has 100 BLUP.

The percentages of BLUP are broken down as follows:

20 % of BLUP is gained each day up to age 10 = 40 points

65 % for all rides and training done in top 3 skills = 130 points

15 % for 20 victories = 30 points (1.5 pts per victory)

= 200 points