• Australian pony- Bay
  • Australian Pony-Black

In game info:Edit

Coats and Colors:Edit

The following coats are those allowed for the Australian Pony on International Howrse:

Bay 11 %
Black 5 %
Cherry bay 18 %
Chestnut 4 %
Dapple Grey 9 %
Dark Bay 1 %
Dun 3 %
Flaxen Chestnut 6 %
Flaxen Liver chestnut 1 %
Light Grey 2 %
Liver chestnut 1 %
Mouse Grey 1 %
Palomino 8 %
Roan 24 %
Strawberry roan 1 %

Skill info:Edit

Stamina 40%
Speed 70%
Dressage 67%
Galloping 63%
Trotting 20%
Jumping 90%

Day it came out:Edit

Some sale stuffs:Edit

Other Game Info:Edit

Real Info: Edit

The Australian pony holds a strong resemblance to the Welsh Ponies. It was bred from stock imported to Australia, which included Timor ponies,  Welsh Mountain Ponies, Hackney ponies, Arabian horses, Shetland Ponies, Highland Ponies, Connemara Ponies, Exmoor Ponies, and small Thoroughbreds.

Old VersionEdit


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