• Black Coat - Argentinean Criollo Foal
  • Dun Argentinean Criollo Foal
  • Chestnut-Argentinean Criollo Foal
  • Cremello Argentinean Criollo Foal

  • Black Coat - Argentinean Criollo
  • Cremello Argentinean Criollo
  • Roan-Argentinean Criollo

  • Black Coat - Argentinean Criollo Pegasus
  • Black Spotted Blanket Argentinean Criollo Pegasus

  • Black Coat - Argentinean Criollo Unicorn Foal

  • Black Coat - Argentinean Criollo Unicorn

Coats and Colors:Edit

Coat Colors Percent
Bay 9%
Bay Spotted Blanket 2%
Bay Tobiano 3%
Bay Tovero 12%
Black 7%
Black Spotted Blanket 1%
Black Tobiano 1%
Cherry bay 8%
Chestnut 9%
Chestnut Tobiano 2%
Cremello 1%
Dapple Gray 2%
Dark Bay 10%
Dun 8%
Flaxen Chestnut 6%
Flaxen Liver chestnut 1%
Light Gray 1%
Liver chestnut 7%
Mouse Gray 3%
Palomino 2%
Roan 5%

Skill info:Edit

Skill Percent
Stamina 94%
Speed  65%
Dressage 78%
Galloping  38%
Trotting 43%
Jumping 32%

Servers Found on:Edit

  • International server
  • US server
  • AU server

Other Game Info:Edit

The Argentinean Crilollo was first introduced on 12/9/12 during the Take a Magic Ride event. However, the first one was born on Dec. 25 when people were able to open their gifts.

Real Info:Edit

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