Official Description
Altair is a legendary horse.

You can obtain this horse when you give the 5 pieces of Altair's legendary tack to one of your horses, or when you purchase a Altair Pack.

On certain days, this horse can drink twice. When they drink for the second time on a given day, they give you 24 hours of VIP membership. If you are already a VIP, your membership is extended by 24 hours.

When Altair is obtained via the Altair Pack, the probability that this horse drinks twice on any given day is higher.

Game: 24 hours of VIP membership if he drinks twice on the same day.

VIP: Automated mission breakdown management

This horse cannot be sold.

Discover Altair's story

Altair is one of the legendary horses, along with Bucephalus, Amira, Zaldia, and Tormenta.

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