3star Western Bridle
Official Description
This bridle is adapted to your horse's morphology. It is so well adjusted that it is like a second skin for your horse. It is great for Western competitions.

3*** Western Bridle is the best Western bridle available in the regular store. It provides the following bonuses:

  • Stamina: +3
  • Speed: +3
  • Dressage: +3
  • Gallop: +3
  • Trot: +3
  • Jumping: +3

Its cost ranges from around 1000 to 1150 Equus.

This item was formerly called High-end bridle. The information for the old version is as follows:

Horses find this bridle super comfortable to wear. It's just right for Western Riding competitions.
High end bridle

It gave:

  • Dressage: +4
  • Gallop: +4
It costed around 3500 Equus.

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