Made-to-Measure Saddle
Official Description
This saddle can be used for Classical Riding and has the advantage of being as comfortable for you as for your horse. It's aesthetically pleasing and made of some of the highest quality materials.

The 3*** Classical saddle is the best Classical saddle aside from Poseidon's Saddle. The bonuses it gives are:

  • Stamina: +3
  • Speed: +3
  • Dressage: +3
  • Gallop: +3
  • Trot: +3
  • Jumping: +3

It costs around 3,000 Equus.

It was formerly known as the Made-to-Measure saddle. The bonuses for that saddle were:

  • Speed: +6
  • Dressage: +6
  • Jumping: +6

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